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The moment you looked into each other’s eyes, you realized that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

It was some time ago, but the passion still remains like it was yesterday that you met. Now the time has come to become, not two, but one. To share all happiness and sorrow, to strengthen the bonds you have, to step into life as one.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It a celebration of a marriage or a union of two hearts where two people promise to love, honor and respect each other. Making this day as perfect and as special as possible is the dream of any bride and we at WeddinginCeylon aims to provide just that.

Featured Article: Innovation of Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka


The wedding ceremony lasts only for a day but with the right photographer it’s memory will last a life time. This is why Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka has become a competitive and a booming profession. The bride and the groom search high …..

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Featured Article: Customs and Styles at a Wedding in Sri Lanka


When it comes to Sri Lankan Weddings, there are many customs which are being practiced from ancient times. According to each one’s religious beliefs or preference it can be a civil wedding, a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or a Christian Wedding.

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