Host your dream wedding in Dubai – The land of dreams

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Dubai is indeed a land of opportunities. Sightseeing, luxury experiences to opportunities of personal pampering, Dubai also may strike many as one’s ideal wedding destination. It indeed is.

There are many Dubai wedding ideas to choose from. Dubai is home to some of the most exclusive hotels in the world, completely geared up to attend to all your needs at the snap of a finger. All these hotels are located on breathtaking settings, allowing you to create memories that will remain etched in your minds forever. Unparalleled romance, hospitality and luxury are in the cards when you plan your wedding in Dubai. Each hotel will allow you a number of enchanting venues to choose from, each custom decorated to suit your wishes and desires. Not only that, these venues will offer you some wonderful photographic opportunities as well.

One would want to offer the very best of what the culinary world has to offer when it comes to one’s wedding. There is no better place than Dubai when it comes to food. From exotic Middle Eastern delicacies, delicious canapés, the most wonderful wines to international favourites, you can customize the menu that is to be served to your treasured guests on your wedding day. Whether it is a quiet sit-down dinner of three courses or more, a generous buffet or a special cocktail reception you desire, facilities abound to cater exactly to your preferences. The well trained staff, conversant in many languages will assist you in every way possible to make your dream wedding the success that you’ve always envisioned.

If a hotel does not offer you your desired wedding venues, there are plenty of other Dubai wedding ideas to choose from as well. Dubai is a treasure trove of exotic experiences and one can glean many an advantage from its wondrous landscape.

Surrounded by golden sand dunes of the desert, just as the sun sets behind the vast open desert, casting shadows on the ground and throwing bucketsful of colours in the sky, the desert sunset would create the ideal background to the most precious moment in your life. Walk hand in hand towards the setting sun with the love of your life. You are sure to cherish those memories forever.

Among Dubai wedding ideas, getting married in an oasis camp is also a popular one. A truly magical setting awaits you and your loved one here, under the shimmering starry skies that literary takes your breath away. Surrounded by fire torches blazing through the night and candles, get lost in a mystic dream created just for you on your special day.

Dubai is also quite popular for its Bedouin camps, a unique concept that is not available anywhere else. Replicating the beautiful heritage of this marvellous land, Bedouin camps are adorned with natural and curious materials that are indeed unique to the traditions and culture of the mysterious Middle East.

Hosting your dream wedding is not a simple task. But Dubai makes it that much easier for you, providing you with all that your heart desires and more!

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Endless benefits of drinking tea

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The benefits of drinking tea have been expounded on since time in memorial. This is with good reason, as modern studies have confirmed this well known fact; tea is a magical drink! From providing comfort during times of stress as a mood lifter, assisting with weight loss and even helping in preventing certain chronic illnesses. After water, the most consumed beverage is tea as people from historic times have unknowingly appreciated the benefits tea provided. Many medical studies have proved that tea has antioxidants that are beneficial to our health.

Tea has many variants ranging from black tea, to red tea, to green tea and more recently an array of different flavours. These have revolutionized the whole tea drinking experience giving it a boost and sophistication to the art of tea drinking. You will enjoy numerous benefits in whatever type of tea you drink. Although green tea is renowned for its healthy properties, it has been proven that regular tea drinkers enjoy better moods, certain amounts of weight loss and prevention against certain chronic illnesses.

When purchasing tea, it is important to look for good quality tea such as Single Origin Tea to ensure that all the goodness is preserved. If the product is manufactured and marketed directly by the same company, then you are more assured of the quality. Single Origin Tea products usually maintain high standards as they are not lowered by mixing with other sources.

Pure Ceylon tea is recognized worldwide for its taste, quality and goodness. Sri Lanka is a leading manufacturer and exporter of tea across the globe and this is due to its unmatchable quality of the tea. So for tea lovers and fans, a cup of pure Ceylon tea is the ideal way to fulfil an overall feeling of well-being.

Drunk in its pure form, tea has absolutely no calories and is a healthy alternative for people who crave for something other than water. It can be drunk hot or cold, pure or flavoured but always preferably unsweetened and without milk, in order to get the greatest benefits. There are reports that suggest that drinking certain varieties of tea, such as green tea, could even help boost and strengthen memory cells. It is also believed that it provides a certain amount of protection from memory-based diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It is no wonder that tea has maintained its popularity over the centuries owing to its amazing taste and hoard of benefits. Tea should be appreciated as a healthy beverage and promoted to the younger generation as an alternative to soft and fizzy drinks.

Click here to find more details about Pure Ceylon Tea.

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Luxury holidays in the Tea Country of Sri Lanka

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Travel to the heart of the best tea producing country in the world and combine the flavour of rich original tea, the exhilaration of mild and pleasant weather, with sophisticated comfort and luxury, on a holiday to remember. The scenic landscapes of the hill country of Sri Lanka are adorned with the lush green fields of Ceylon tea, a signature taste loved by the entire world. The hills, valleys and contours of this amazing part of the island make ideal trails for outdoor adventures and lasting inspirations. Play golf, try your hand at white water rafting or climb the famous Adam’s Peak. Discover the limitless possibilities and excitement of luxury holidays in Sri Lanka, themed around renowned Ceylon tea. These holidays surpass the usual norm of rest and recreation, offering you uniqueness and superiority far beyond your wildest dreams.

Ceylon Tea Trails is the world’s first tea bungalow resort and Sri Lanka’s first Relais & Chateaux resort. Located in the Central Highlands of the island, at an altitude of 1250 metres, this resort is surrounded by breathtaking views and comprises four luxurious colonial era tea planters’ bungalows connected by walking trails through mesmerising tea gardens. A stunning backdrop of mountains, lakes, winding roads and waterfalls decorate the landscape artistically. Each bungalow comes with its own manager, chef, butler and houseboys. All meals are prepared from home grown fresh produce. You can expect a comprehensive tea experience at Ceylon Tea Trails on your luxury travel in Sri Lanka, including a first-hand look at the fascinating process of making tea.

There are plenty of scenic walks and hikes you could take in and around the Tea Trails Resort. The varied landscape presents a treasure trove of exotic flora and fauna, and makes it a haven for bird watchers. A fast clay court is available for  a challenging game of tennis and all bungalows have a croquet lawn. The valleys and hills are also perfect for the enthusiastic cyclist interested in exploring the countryside. Mountain bikes are available at the bungalows for complementary use. Ceylon Tea Trails gives luxury holidays in Sri Lanka a new meaning with world-class recognition. Experience it, and be inspired forever.

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The best desert safari destination

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Safaris are exciting wildlife holidays, as we all love a glimpse of the natural wilderness and its inhabitants. There are number of typical safari destinations in the world we are all too familiar with, but have you ever wondered about desert safaris? If you, for a moment, thought they are not as exciting as conventional safaris, shun that thought away now. Desert safaris are uniquely enthralling and more intriguing. A pristine eco system, barely untouched by human intervention and glorious night skies, will forever capture your heart. Take a journey through the mighty desert like the ancients did thousands of years ago. Dubai is the most famous and popular destination for desert safaris. These feature stunning exotic wildlife, tastes of the local culture, and nights under the infinity sky lit with glittering stars. A desert safari in Dubai is almost like a page out of the Arabian Nights.

One of the most amazing perks of a desert safari is the opportunity to observe nature even at night. The cool air of the night is known to be refreshing, and sighting nocturnal creatures that come out after sundown is easy. The warmth of a roaring campfire and aromas of tasty local cuisines will surround you. Making Arabic bread, getting henna tattoos, watching rhythmic Khaleeji dancing and listening to traditional music are some of the night-time activities you can expect on a desert safari in Dubai. You can also discover the art of falconry, a vital part of desert life, practiced through centuries. Ever wondered what it must be like to ride a camel? Camel rides are a popular part of any desert safari and fundamental to experiencing desert life. Unlike the jungle or the forest, the desert is an ideal location to observe unique flora and fauna and it is also a place abound with distinctive views.

The very best of the safari companies provide luxury facilities to dine and camp under the stars. Platinum Heritage in Dubai is reputed for offering the world’s most luxurious safaris. It is one of only two operators permitted to conduct wildlife drives inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The company also utilises only the very best of vehicles, such as 1950’s vintage Land Rovers and ultra-luxurious Mercedes G-Wagons. Platinum Heritage desert safaris are focused on reviving the romance and authenticity of the real Arabia through their wildlife safaris, heritage safaris, night safaris, dinner safaris, overnight safaris and other exclusive services provided only by the company, such as private falconry experience and breakfast with a Bedouin.

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Ayurveda and Yoga in Sri Lanka

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Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world, which survives to this day as a holistic tradition of healing. It is at least 5000 years old and has its roots in the Vedic culture of India. The practice of yoga too dates back to an age of more than 5000 years. Yoga is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, and is the principal practice of attaining physical, mental and spiritual discipline. As a tradition which is still very much in use in the modern day, it goes hand in hand with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a preventive and curative art which often treats the causes of diseases to eliminate them from the body. It also aims to achieve a perfect balance of mental and physical well-being

The Privilege is an exclusive Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka that offers its guests genuine Ayurveda treatments after diagnosis and consultation. The resort has a chief consultant, two in-house Ayurveda specialists and experienced male and female therapists to make sure your Ayurveda holiday is well-spent fruitfully. This is a place where every guest receives individual attention, care and personal consultation. The Privilege offers the most effective Panchakarma treatment in Sri Lanka. It is a purifying therapy that detoxifies and rejuvenates your body, enhancing the process of metabolism. The process contains five steps to purify your body and restore it to a state of good health. At the Privilege you can receive all these treatments plus the kind hospitality to completely relax your mind and body.

The resort is situated in an equally tranquil natural environment with stunning views and soothing sounds. It is a beach resort in the exceptionally glorious Wadduwa town that is famous for its golden sandy beaches, fishing and breathtaking scenery. The Privilege is also an ideal location to discover yoga in Sri Lanka. It offers its visitors the experience of spiritual upliftment through yoga and meditation. Real Ayurveda usually combines the two to maintain the harmony of mind, body and soul. Make a significant difference to your life by enjoying the benefits of two of the most supreme traditions of the ancient world.

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Reasons why you should plan your wedding in Sri Lanka

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Weddings are sometimes taken for granted, because they happen so often. But no one can fathom the importance of this day as much as the two people who plan on spending the rest of their lives with each other. So, it is your desires which count, and the place where it can all unravel. It doesn’t matter how long your guest list is or how many items are on the menu, nothing is more crucial than the venue itself. A wedding can be big or small, lavish or simple, but the venue will always be a vital part of that memory forever. Sri Lanka is an island of splendour, a destination ideal for celebrating the most precious day of your life. A wedding in Sri Lanka can be anything you like. The golden stretches of warm beaches, exquisite wilderness, lush landscapes, unique heritage sites, elegant luxuries and urban vibes are all at your disposal to choose from. You will find a range of places, outdoor and indoor, that carry natural beauty and artistic design; spread across the varying regions in the country. If you are looking for the most perfect and beautiful island to have your wedding in, look no further.

Being a land of diverse cultures and religions, Sri Lanka wedding themes are varied. A quintessentially Sinhalese wedding is that of a ritualistic one. It is governed by long rooted customs and traditions of Buddhist principles and heritage. From jewellery crafting to flower decors, there is a code of ethics which follows, and deeply revered rituals that take place throughout the ceremony. The vibrant and colourful ceremonies of Hindu weddings are also common in the country. These holy ceremonies are more elaborate and equally ritualistic. Endless fragrant flower decorations, striking colours and ancient chantings fill the event grandly. Islamic and Christian weddings too have their significance in the Sri Lankan culture. No matter who you are or what your faith is, your utmost special day can be anything you wish it to be. Wedding planners, experts and professionals on the island have hands on experience of every type of wedding, and they will go that extra mile to make your every wedding wish come true.

Sri Lanka is also one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world. It is adorned with flawlessly romantic settings, breathtaking sunsets, miles and miles of sandy beaches, sunshine throughout the year, lively wilderness abound with spectacular wildlife, and epitome of relaxing luxury. A wedding in Sri Lanka is a manifestation of your treasured dreams for that unforgettable day as well as your honeymoon. The practice of Sri Lankans in putting extra and careful effort into their weddings, have created an industry equipped with the right people who can step up to any challenge. Planning a wedding on the island is more of an art than a task. Impeccable attention to detail is the conduct of every professional in making a day worth remembering over and over again. A Sri Lanka wedding has a ‘je ne sais quoi’ that can be known only through experience.

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ABANS Bridal Registry – The Perfect Gift Solution for Givers and Receivers

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When searching for a wedding gift, just imagine how much time and effort you could save if you knew exactly what the couple really needed. And looking at it from the bride and groom’s perspective, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they received gifts that they really needed, instead of a whole lot of coffee and tea sets, glass bowls and picture frames that they would not use in their lifetime.

Abans Bridal Registry is basically a “wish list” and a simple and informal way for the couple to communicate to their invitees what they really need and desire. Usually wedding gifts consist of useful appliances for their new home, such as kitchen utensils, cookware and tableware. The advantage of Abans Bridal Registry is that if the couples really need a large item such as a washing machine, refrigerator, cooker-oven or television, you can become a part contributor towards its cost and help the couple to get something really worthwhile. The wish list maker logs on to a gift registry portal, creates a wish list by choosing the event for which they want the gifts, browses through and adds a range of products, and then shares the list via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. The maker also has the option of printing the URL on their invitation cards. The gift givers, on the other hand, can click on the link of the wish list, select a gift that suits their taste and budget, and pay for it online or offline.

Abans have the widest range of the world’s best brands of home appliances which every housewife would love to own. The bride-to-be can select the items she would need for her new home and compile her own wish-list. All she has to do is log on to Abans web site www.abansgroup.com and the range of products will be displayed for her to select easily.

One of the biggest challengers that gift givers have to face is the cultural and religious aspect. Some people are superstitious about certain things or their religion prohibits the use of or keeping certain objects in their home. What if you unknowingly gift something that might offend the couple? With a wish-list in Abans Bridal Registry such blunders would never happen.

Though this concept is very popular in other countries, gift registries are relatively new inSri Lankaand as life becomes more and more hectic, they are catching up among the younger generation. People don’t have the time to think of the gifts neither to buy nor to shop for them. Also, with the popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, people are more comfortable sharing their likes and dislikes, which makes working a wish list easy, convenient and practical.

Apart from weddings, Abans Bridal Registry could also be used for other occasions like engagements, birthdays and wedding anniversaries, you can inform your guests that they can select a gift from Abans Bridal Registry with a little postscript in your invitation or a separate slip attached to the invitation.

So get ready to share your passions, dreams and desires with your wedding guests. Let them in on what you want most in the near or distant future, and how they can make your wedding wishes and dreams a reality. Your loved ones want the best for you, and will be excited to help grant your most meaningful wedding wishes through your wedding wish list in Abans Bridal Registry.

You are cordially invited to visit Abans online Bridal Registry by www.buyabans.com/eventregistry    or your nearest Abans Elite Showroom for more information about Abans Bridal Registry, and to view the wide range of products that you have the option of choosing the gifts that you would most want and appreciate on your special occasion.

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Innovation of Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka


The wedding ceremony lasts only for a day but with the right photographer it’s memory will last a life time. This is why Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka has become a competitive and a booming profession. The bride and the groom search high and low for the best wedding photographer in Sri Lanka and reserve him at least a year in advance, since it is the only remembrance that will last for years. Even years after your wedding you can still re-live that special day by looking at the wedding photographs.

Wedding photography came into practice since the invention of photography in 1826. People did not hire a separate photographer to their wedding. The couple and their families went to the studio and had their formal wedding photo taken. Due to the difficulty of carrying large objects such as lights, curtains and background settings, most wedding photographs were taken inside a studio. But today as a result of the technology, every equipment has become portable. Sri Lankan wedding photography is at a very advanced stage that by the end of the ceremony the visitors will receive a wedding photo as a token of gratitude for their presence. This is mainly due to the introduction of digital cameras to the Sri Lankan photography. This advancement of digital convenience enables quick detection of any lighting mistakes and deleting any unwanted shots taken.

Even if the photos were taken against a dull monotonous background, Sri Lankan wedding photographers use modern techniques by replacing the background with another vibrant setting. To bring in lot colour and life, Sri Lankan photographers place the bride, the groom or both of them in completely different places such as attractive gardens, artistic places, beaches or other breathtaking landscapes. Wedding photographers in Sri Lanka use the technique of remote flashes and are even capable of using creative lighting.

The modern wedding photography in Sri Lanka includes making a wedding album. This album will include the photos from the start until the end of the ceremony. These photos can be printed in matt, glossy surface or even Dura-guard which will give an extended life span. Thus creating wedding albums has become one of the most essential things at Sri Lankan Weddings.

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Poruwa & Settee Backs

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The Poruwa Ceremony, although a Sinhalese tradition, is mostly practiced by Sri Lankan Buddhist couples. This tradition is followed with great respect and care making sure that all customs are completed accurately. In the past the Poruwa Ceremony was as valid as a registered marriage which was introduced by the British. The couple stands on a beautifully decorated Poruwa (similar to a stage) and conducts different customs such as offering 7 betel leaf bundles to the Gods which symbolizes requesting for protection for the lives of seven generations that will come to be from the marriage, tying the little fingers of the bride and groom with a golden thread to symbolize bond and unity, breaking a fresh coconut in front of the couple to drive away evil spirits, and many more which usually goes on for about 45 minutes. This beautiful and vibrant tradition is followed by many young couples, Sri Lankan and foreign both, who understand the value of Sri Lankan heritage and the importance of preserving the customs of the Lankan past. These customs bring excitement and colour to their wedding with Kandyan dances, elephants dressed up in shimmering attire, and having an elaborately decorated Poruwa.

The Settee Back is the backdrop of the settee where the couple will be seated after the Poruwa Ceremony is completed. The bride and groom will be given a specially designed settee which is usually decorated with flowers, candles, greenery, etc… May different Settee Backs are created by professionals which would match the theme or the colours used for the wedding.

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Customs and Styles At A Wedding In Sri Lanka

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When it comes to Sri Lankan Weddings, there are many customs which are being practiced from ancient times. These customs and practices are unique to Sri Lanka. According to each one’s religious beliefs or preference it can be a civil wedding, a Buddhist Wedding, a Hindu Wedding, a Muslim Wedding or a Christian Wedding.

Since Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country Buddhist weddings are the most common and they are celebrated in a grand manner. In Buddhist weddings Poruwa Ceremony is a major event during the wedding ceremony. The proceedings take place on a decorated wooden platform called “Poruwa”. These platforms can be made in various designs according to the bride and the groom’s wishes. Usually Poruwa decorations are done by professional decorators. From exchanging the rings to blessings and other rituals all take place when the bride and the groom are standing on the Poruwa. Various rituals such as tying the little fingers of the bride and the groom, the couple worshiping their elders with betel leaf bundles, breaking a fresh coconut to ward off evil spirits and then lighting the oil lamp after getting off from the Poruwa. The ‘Poruwa Siritha’ was initiated in the 3rd century B.C and is still practiced by the Sinhalese Buddhists.

The Hindu Wedding in Sri Lanka is another elaborate grand ceremony which is very colourful with lot of gold jewellery and fashionable saris. Throughout the ceremony the bride changes into three outfits along with different hair-do’s and jewellery. The Sri Lankan Hindu wedding ceremony lasts for about 3 hours throughout which they do various rituals. The bride and the groom usually walk around the fire 7 times while chanting holy verses. Same as Hindu and Buddhist weddings, Islamic (Muslim) and Christian Weddings also follow different customs and styles. Christian weddings in Sri Lanka are not so different from the Western weddings. The couple gets married in the church which is attractively decorated with flowers and other wedding decorations, following which there will be a small reception in a hotel.

Accompanying the bride and the bride groom are several other bride’s maids, groomsmen and little maids. There are bridal designers and fashion experts who undertake this whole retinue. From the bride’s maid’s attire to their hairstyle, shoes and posy they will offer their expert advice in selecting the suitable colours, fabric etc.

The Sri Lankan Weddings are usually a once-in-a lifetime event since Sri Lankan marriages last long. Therefore the events and practices of a Sri Lankan wedding are planned much ahead and put together by consulting the best photographers, beauticians, bridal designers and other professionals.

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